Monday, 6 June 2016

What is SAP LSMW ?

The LSMW Workbench is an  tool that supports the transfer of data from non-SAP systems ("Legacy Systems") to SAP  R/3 systems. This can be a one-time transfer as well as a periodic one.
LSMW also supports conversion of data of the legacy system in  numerous way. The data can then be imported into the SAP R/3 system via batch input, direct input, BAPIs or IDocs.
Furthermore, the LSM Workbench provides a recording function that allows generating a "data migration object" to enable migration from any required transaction.
LSMW can be used for following 3 functions -
The main functions of the LSM Workbench are:
  1. Import data (legacy data in spreadsheet tables and/or sequential files)
  2. Convert data (from source format to target format)
  3. Import data (into the database of the R/3 application)
To start the LSMW workbench use transaction LSMW

Also check out next tutorial on executing LSMW Step by Step


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