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Steps for Support Packages

Steps to Upgrade the Support Package:

Step 1: Download Support Packs

Support Packages are available in SAP Support Portal, under
Step 2: Loading Support Packages:

To load support packages we have two options:-
  1. From Application Server
  2. From Front End
From Application Server
  1. Download the support packages from service marketplace and save them at OS level in directory /usr/sap/trans.
  2. Uncompress these files using sapcar executable
sapcar –xvf <support package name>

After uncompressing the support packages at OS level the .PAT and .ATT files are stored in /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in directory.

Next, load the Support Packages into SAP system by choosing  Support Package -->Load Package  --> From Application Server
From Front End 

Choose Support Package --> Load Packages --> From Front End

Step 3: SPAM/SAINT Update:

A SPAM/SAINT Update contains updates and improvements to Support Package Manager (SPAM) and Add-On Installation Tool (SAINT). There is always one SPAM update for each release. SPAM/SAINT update is mandatory before any support package upgrade.
Step 4: Defining Queue 

Queue contains the Support Packages available for the different SAP Components installed in your system. This Queue information is derived from the support pack uploaded in Step 2.

1.On the initial screen in Support Package Manager, choose Display/Define.
2.A list of installed software components (for example, SAP_BASIS, SAP_HR, SAP_BW) is displayed.
3.Once you select the required component, the current queue appears. This queue contains the Support Packages available for the selected component in your system. If you want to define the queue for another software component, choose Other Component. If the displayed queue meets your requirements, you can confirm it by choosing Confirm Queue

Step 5: Importing Queue. 

Once you a define a Queue (Step 4) while selecting a particular component (for which we want to upgrade support pack), we need to do 'Import queue' to start importing/applying that particular selected support pack (as per the standard SAP process).

Choose Support Package --> Import Queue
To become familiar with known problems and issues, always read the note mentioned in above screenshot. 

The support package import has been started
Step 6: Confirming Queue: 

Confirm that the queue has been imported successfully into your system. This allows you to import Support Packages in the future. You will not be able to import Support Packages further,if you do not confirm the queue.
Once Queue has been imported, SPAM status becomes YELLOW

Confirm successful import of the Support Packages into your system by choosingSupport Package à Confirm.

Checking Logs

  • IMPORT LOG :It displays logs for Support Package Manager Phases that are used by transport control program tp(transport control program).
    Go to-->Import log-->Queue

  • ACTION LOG: It contains information about the actions that take place during the individual phases (while importing the current queue).

    It also includes information about the point at which a phase was stopped, as well as detailed error information.

    To display the logs for the current queue Go to-->Action log

  • While the support packages are being imported, logs are made into the tmp directory (path: usr/sap/trans/tmp)
  • Once the import process is completed logs can be viewed from the log directory (path: usr/sap/trans/log)


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