Friday, 22 April 2016

How to Create Client

Theoretically we can create clients from 000 to 999.But maintenance of such a large number of clients becomes a challenge.

Step 1) Execute T-Code SCC4
Step 2) . It will bring you to the initial screen of SAP clients.

Click New Entry to make a new SAP Client

Step 3)

  1. Enter basic details as given below.
  • Client number & description
  • City to which client Belongs (etc, NY-New York)
  • Logical system may be <SID>CLNT<Client Number>
  • Std Currency may be (etc EUR)
  • Client roles may be Customizing,Demo,Training/Education,Production,etc..
  1. Enter your client specific data and set permission for the clients as per your requirement
  2. Save
  3. Press F3 to come back to SCC4
Step 4) New client will be there in the list.Here we have created client 100.


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